How To Create An Incoming Email

An Incoming Email is a special type of Bip that is called with an email to one of your domains.  It can be used like any other email address and can redirect messages it receives to any of your Actions.

To create a Incoming Email :
  • Go to 'My Bips'
  • Click '+ Create A Bip'
  • Click 'Create New Event'
  • Select 'Incoming Email'

Naming Your Email Address

Once created, the Bip can be called via Email to  {name}@{domain name}.  The email address of the bip can also be found by clicking the link icon next to it's name.

Creating an email without giving it a name is fine, a short unique name will be given to it by the system instead.


Email attachments appear as files for processing by your Bip.  Certain Actions such as saving a file to Dropbox or Google Drive (plus others) will automatically detect attachments and process them accordingly.

Email Domains is not an SMTP Relay, Smart Host or 'Email Service' but rather an API provider that supports an SMTP transport. We do not suggest binding your custom domain MX to unless it is a dedicated subdomain. Set your subdomain CNAME/MX as {username}

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