Where Is The User Interface For My Open Source bip.io

The bip.io server is open source GPLv3, so anyone can run their own server(s) themselves and run bips.  The official user interface can be found by signing up for a free account at http://bip.io, which by default loads your hosted account into the dashboard.

To load your own server into the dashboard instead, you'll need to use something called a 'Session Mount'.  A Session Mount means that, while you are logged into bip.io (ie: have a 'session'), you'll be able to interact with any other bip.io server that you have credentials for.

Session Mounts can be found under My Account > Mounts.

To load your own server into the bip.io hosted platform, enter the details of your local server into the create mount form.

Once your server info is entered, hit 'Create Mount'.  It will appear in the list of session mounts above the form. To activate the mount, hit the play button for the mount.

When you navigate back to the Dashboard, you'll be interacting with your mounted server.

No information is shared between the bip.io private cloud and your server, so Mounts work from behind firewalls and VPNs.

You can run as many mounts as you like, but don't forget they will disappear once you close your browser.

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